January 30, 2012

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Grand-Métis, January 30, 2012. The International Garden Festival is pleased to announce the names of the designers selected by the jury for the 13th edition of the Festival. Five projects were selected to be featured at the 2012 edition that will exhibit a record 25 conceptual gardens. The 13th edition of the Festival will open on Saturday, June 23, 2012. The competition attracted 158 proposals for contemporary gardens submitted by over 350 architects, landscape architects, designers and artists from 23 countries. All of the submissions can be viewed at www.internationalgardenfestival.ca.

The jury members were: Pierre Bélanger, Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and designer for the 2004 edition of the Festival, François Leblanc, technical coordinator of the International Garden Festival, Paula Meijerink, director of the École d'architecture de paysage, Université de Montréal, and designer for the 2003 and 2004 editions of the Festival, Franck Michel, director of the Musée régional de Rimouski, and Alexander Reford, director of Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens and the International Garden Festival.

The new gardens selected for the 2012 edition are:

La collection du jardinier - Chloé B. Fortin and Audrey Lavallée, Montréal, Canada. This garden is an invitation to examine the vegetal traces left along highways, homes and pastures in and around Grand-Métis. Assembled in a three dimensional herbarium, the specimen will be displayed to reveal their beauty and delicacy.

Histoire sans fin ou Le bois dans tous ses états - L’atelier eem [Marc Blume, Francesca Liggieri, Estelle Nicod and Héloïse Blanzat], Paris, France. This garden evokes the natural cycle of regeneration of living organisms in a series of five cords of wood where various plants take root.

Buoyant - Laura B. Garófalo, Buffalo, USA. Hydrogen filled balloons support a Hydroponic Cloud trellis. The trellis ebbs and flows with the wind, fluctuations in temperature and the slow leakage of the balloons. Vines emanate from bundles at the base highlighting the dependence of nature on the stewardship of the community that nurtures it.

15 KNOTS - ATLAS [Kimberly Garza, Andrew tenBrink] et Forbes Lipschitz, Cambridge, USA. A field planted with grasses offers a simply planar elegance that moves with the wind. Wind Walls blow winds of 15 knots and create directional patterns. As visitors circulate around the perimeter, the wind stream becomes momentarily interrupted by their presence and shape the grass field.

Garden=Folly - Ekachai Pattamasattayasonthi and dL Studio [Tom Lee, Soren deNiord], Washington, Falmouth and Portland, Maine, USA. Garden=Folly is a field where garden and structure unite. Made of white PVC pipes and fittings, the folly structure appears abstract, light, and transparent. The use of modular and common materials is highly flexible and creates an ever-changing garden for years to come.

Three projects received special mentions from the jury:

  • Let it be as you want - ecoid [Yongkyu Kim, Jonghyun Baek], Wellesley, USA
  • Hisse et Ho! - [Geneviève Guimont, Marc-André Bouchard, Christine Lavallée, Mélanie Fortier] of Régis Côté et Associés, Lévis, Canada
  • Ligne, Coupe, Horizon & St-Laurent - Cédric Libert, Brussels, Belgium & Atelier Pierre Thibault [Pierre Thibault, Nicolas Labrie], Québec, Canada

 These new gardens will join those that are returning in 2012:

  • A Ditch With A View - Ken Smith Workshop [Ken Smith, Hardy Stecker, Frank Barbour], New York, USA
  • Making Circles in the Water - Balmori Associates [Diana Balmori, Noémie Lafaurie-Debany, Sarah Falbe-Hansen], New York, USA
  • This Rocks! Get Lost! - MVVA [Michael Van Valkenburgh, Scott Streeb, Joe Bivona], New York, USA
  • Surface Deep - Asensio_Mah [Leyre Asensio-Villoria, David Syn Chee Mah], in collaboration with students in the Masters of Landscape Architecture and Design at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
  • Algaegarden - Heather Ring, Brenda Parker and Synnøve Fredericks, London, UK
  • Noli tangere - Terragram [Vladimir Sitta, Anita Madura, Robert Faber], Sydney, Australia
  • Tiny Taxonomy - Rosetta Sarah Elkin, Montréal, Canada
  • Le jardin de bâtons bleus - Claude Cormier Architectes paysagistes, Montréal, Canada
  • Le bon arbre au bon endroit and Oursins - NIPpaysage [Mathieu Casavant, France Cormier, Josée Labelle, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Georges-Étienne Parent, Claude Cournoyer], Montréal, Canada
  • Réflexions colorées - Hal Ingberg, Montréal, Canada
  • Dymaxion Sleep – Curled Up - Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell, Toronto, Canada
  • Itinerant Pods - North Design Office [Pete and Alissa North], Toronto, Canada
  • HAHA! - spmb [Eduardo Aquino, Karen Shanski, Ralf Glor, Matt Baker], Winnipeg, Canada and Martin Gagnon, Montréal, Canada.
  • Every garden needs a shed and a lawn! - Deborah Nagan, London, UK
  • Jardin de la connaissance - Thilo Folkerts 100landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin, Germany and Rodney Latourelle, Montréal, Canada
  • Ces jours-ci, je suis fier de mon petit paradis - Atelier le balto [Véronique Faucheur, Marc Pouzol, Marc Vatinel] and Kai Schiemenz, Berlin, Germany
  • Rope Ladders - relais Landschaftsarchitekten [Gero Heck, Marianne Mommsen], Berlin, Germany
  • Veil Garden - Studio Bryan Hanes [Bryan Hanes, Jose Menendez, Yadiel Rivera Diaz, Brenna Herpmann] and DIGSAU [Jules Dingle, Jeff Goldstein, Mark Sanderson, Jamie Unkefer, Aaron Jezzi], Philadelphia, USA
  • Fractal Garden - Legge Lewis Legge [Andrea Legge, Deborah Lewis, Murray Legge], New York and Austin, USA

The International Garden Festival is the leading contemporary garden festival in North America. Presented since 2000, the Festival has exhibited more than 130 gardens on the festival site as well as extra-mural gardens in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. As part of the 2012 Festival, a new extra-mural garden will be presented in London, England, as part of inaugural edition of Chelsea Fringe.

The International Garden Festival is presented with the financial assistance of many public and private partners: Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Tourisme Québec, Canada Summer Jobs, Emploi-Québec, Canada Blooms, Landscape Ontario and IIDEX/Neocon.

The sponsors of the 13th edition are: Premier Horticulture, Groupe Germain, Miellerie Tête en Fleurs and Pépinière Charlevoix. Hydro-Québec has been a major partner of Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens since 1999 and is the lead sponsor of the 13th edition of the International Garden Festival.

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